Friedrich-Gymnasium Freiburg


Friedrich Gymnasium is a secondary school (Gymnasium) for grades 5 through 12 focusing on a humanistic education. At the same time it has been awarded the title of “MINT friendly school (MINT = STEM).
The school has a teaching staff of roughly 60 responsible for a student body of 500 students. With its classic school building from the early 20th century and its specific educational profile, it attracts students from both the close neighbourhood as well as more distant parts of the city of Freiburg.
The school excels in cultural activities such as the education and performances in music and drama. It has recently been named one of four schools in the state to provide a comprehensive education of highly talented students in the field of music. At the same time, our school was one of the first schools in the state to pilot a 1:1 equipment with digital tablets for all students in year 8 and above, starting this project in 2016. In the meantime, the use of tablets in the classroom and beyond has been established in all subjects taught at the school.